No-Code SharePoint Solutions

We are experts in developing robust solutions using the SharePoint interface, Microsoft Office tools, and tools from trusted 3rd party vendors.

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Client-Side SharePoint App Development

When a little more firepower is needed, we specialize in SharePoint App Model Development leveraging such technologies as JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, UI-Grid, and more.

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SharePoint Training

We believe that client enablement is key to a strong relationship.  We offer classroom training and individualized training classes.

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Why Choose Us?

At Nellis Consulting, we believe in more than simply delivering on great SharePoint projects and moving on.  We believe in forming a strong relationship with our clients who feel comfortable coming to us time and again for their SharePoint Solution needs.

This kind of relationship is built through trust and trust is built by delivering with excellence.  That is what you get with Nellis Consulting.

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